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Carousel is such an important thing for a website whether you wish to include your partners or your customer testimonials, a carousel is the one element that can help you cater to all of that.

Welcome to your very quick guide to your perfect React Carousel Slider. So without wasting any more time, let’s dive in…

What is react-slick

react-slick is such a great npm package that aims to get your website carousel done quickly. Let’s not forget the weekly downloads stats it has, which makes it one of the most popular carousels out there.

So how did it begin

So initially for onTribe’s latest website, we tried…

This October get over the fear of GitHub and Terminal and make your first Open Source Contribution

Visit me here dhairyaostwal

This lockdown/quarantine period has been really fruitful especially for me coming from a Business Development background to Software Engineering, learning software development life-cycle, building a few projects and going from 0 to over 400 contributions on my GitHub.

A perfect software or a product doesn’t get created at once! If so you’d not be seeing the consistent software updates 🧐! GitHub is a place to track all of your different version of the product and progress.

GitHub and Command line interface appeared so…

COVID-19 Dashboard Website by Dhairya Ostwal

Hey there! Hope you all are safe and utilising the quarantine period for learning new technology or skill 🙋🏻‍♂️.

Alright so today we’re going to create our own website. Excited?

✅ Idea:

Design a COVID-19 website displaying total cases in your area, relevant news, other nearby states and inter-country comparison of stats.

What do you need?

Most importantly excitement of learning something new!

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. BootStrap 4
  4. Some bits and pieces of UI Design and Color Theory

✅ Description:

We are creating a simple, one page website depicting all of the important information you need to know on a single page.

So, we would cover the following format:

Don’t worry, we’ll help you get there :)

It is a possibility that you haven’t got into your desired branch in college or maybe opted for a non-CS branch and later developed an interest in programming or you’re looking for a career switch or some other reason, you just want to learn how to code. Well, you’re at the right place!

The majority opinion is that programming is boring, and includes sitting in front of that screen 24 x 7. This is not true. Instead, programming is an art in itself. It teaches you logic, gives you freedom from the crowd and takes you through the journey of…

Quite similar to TechCrunch Disrupt(Silicon Valley TV Series)

How it started?

Well I remember seeing the hack announcement on E-Cell VIT’s Instagram page. Immediately sent it to a friend of mine who has always wanted to work along on some project. Eventually we added one more as an app builder for us. And another who could help us in UI. As I recall there was long chats on WhatsApp on choosing a problem and problem statement. Eventually ended up choosing FinTech sector.

Building a customized solution that could actually ease people to choose their preferred financial plan and not be forced to adjust to the pre-packaged solutions being…

Source: GIPHY

Drones as we see have transformed our lives, war methods, the way we conduct business etc. One could say future is not far where we may have traffic jam in air too and may be one drone controlling traffic as we see traffic police and signals today.


History and the rise of drones may seem a bit unusual. Usually we see a negative, evil stuff born from a positive problem solving idea, but here the reverse happened! Drones as we see in commercial spaces have been drawn from the drones which were earlier war machines(and are even today).

Drones(technically Unmanned…

Hey! I am Dhairya Ostwal

I am Dhairya Ostwal, a Computer Science undergrad from VIT Vellore, India.

  1. Competitive Programming:

2. Hackathons involvement:

  • Parallax 2020 by TEC-VIT
  • HackerTech 2019 by ECell-VIT
  • VITHack 2019

3. Experience:

2020: Business Development Intern, LegalMind

2019: Founder, Creator of DesignsbyDhairya

2016: Founder of EntrepreneurhaiBC

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competitive Programming
  • Start-ups
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX

ehbc logo

I am writing this over more than an year of starting and discontinuing my startup. Straight up! So I founded my startup in the month of November 2016. EntrepreneurhaiBC(or shortly as I used to call it ehbc) was the name of the startup. I was 16 then. Many inspiration pages were flowing here and there at that time on Instagram and we wished and my only aim was to provide a good and most importantly the right inspiration to everybody around.

Earlier as per the plan I thought of launching an inspiration website full of entrepreneur’s interview and other relatable…

So I got first introduced to coding in class 8. Simple language: HTML!

I felt that time as if you are giving birth to something new! Like you code on a white background and then Ctrl+S with an extension .html and when you open it you see Magic!😃😃

It still feels so… Having introduced to various new languages and waiting to learn many if you ask me in a nutshell it has always been a wonderful personal growth.

Coding doesn’t only teaches you its algorithm or the way computer understands. …

Dhairya Ostwal

I write on interesting Tech/Product/Business. Know more about me:

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