My First Start-up AND What It Taught Me?

Dhairya Ostwal
3 min readFeb 26, 2018


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I am writing this over more than an year of starting and discontinuing my startup. Straight up! So I founded my startup in the month of November 2016. EntrepreneurhaiBC(or shortly as I used to call it ehbc) was the name of the startup. I was 16 then. Many inspiration pages were flowing here and there at that time on Instagram and we wished and my only aim was to provide a good and most importantly the right inspiration to everybody around.

Earlier as per the plan I thought of launching an inspiration website full of entrepreneur’s interview and other relatable stuff. Two months later, I was joined by my friend(the Co-Founder) and we planned to get started with Instagram page first and then continue with the website.

We started on Instagram with no such experience in what content to be presented, how to be presented and most importantly how to reach out to people. We just started! And the response! OMG! I still can’t believe crossing over 100 followers in just 14 hours without experience in any sort of digital marketing or so.

Carrying on we continued this for several months. Through the journey we were joined by many of our friends(I can say our team grew!). We now had people managing content, query and growth & strategy(that was my part). And this was fantastic!

Never knew how much eager we all were. I experienced what was called Real Entrepreneurship. Sometimes plans and dreams never let me sleep. Really! I never found myself working on for hours on any stuff like this. Calls, WhatsApp messages; days used to be so hectic! And after the work was done BIG YAYY!

Our team grew to 5 member. We even did a few collaborations with many other pages out there. The series me and my team started(esp. my favourite traits of an entrepreneur click here) was so much appreciated by everyone. Also as Instagram launched Stories, we even had a great one to one interactions with the followers and many of the times followers requested for their favourite quotes to be made by the team. We finally crossed 300 followers count! That was what I consider EPIC!

But things didn’t go easy and smooth. In a few while we encountered few bugs and login errors on the page. Initially we thought it was due to cross-platform that we used to operate the page on many devices but later on it became permanent and we stopped our journey in February 2017.

So what it taught me?

As a Founder most importantly it taught me the toughness the word “Entrepreneurship” carries! Secondly, more than the team it was my idea that I believed in and hence every task carried out was my responsibility. Sometimes, their used to happen somebody was ill, busy with some other task so I made the quotes while simultaneously looking after the growth which I was primarily responsible. Therefore Adaptabilty and Leadership.

So what are your thoughts on this?



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