Still Not On GitHub 😲

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Believe it or not it’s that easy!

✅ Why learn GitHub?

Well there maybe thousands of reasons that you may find on the internet but here are a few I realized after spending time around —

  • Great collaboration tool 👍: Not only for programmers but for building a great product in all.
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Separated by distance, brought together by GitHub

  • Inspiration at it’s best: There are so many inspirational Open Source projects on GitHub. Recently I found one called — Signal Messenger. Immediately fell in love with the idea of innovation and inclusion of privacy in messaging.
  • Extensions and Marketplace: Once you start into GitHub you’d feel the unexpected git conflict or sometimes large files or some times forked repos not updated . Well there are bots and extensions that’d do all of that! A few I’ve been using lately — imgbot, pull, codereview.
  • Hosting: And I won’t lie how simple the hosting has been made now with just your GitHub integration with Heroku and Netlify. And it’s just with a tap!

✅ What about OpenSource if I’ve no experience 😔

Absolutely no worry! The first thing I pushed on GitHub was my HackerTech 2019 FinTech Deck.

✅ Hey I’ve been hearing a lot about HacktoberFest lately…

Yes HacktoberFest is a great initiative by Digital Ocean to bring people make their first Open Source contribution and get a chance to win an amazing t-shirt!

Yep it’s true xD!

✅ Terminal

You must have seen someone in your life working on terminal and that Hacker-Feels 🤖!

Yes, not lying xD!



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